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What is it?

Telehealth (alternately known as telemedicine, teletherapy or telepsychiatry) is, at its heart, the ability to meet with patients for behavioral consultations remotely. Using the appropriate telehealth software, psychiatrists and therapists can meet with their patients through video conferencing applications. Therapy via telehealth has been shown to be equally as effective as in-person therapy, especially when it comes to general anxiety, depression, life transitions and family dynamics.

Benefits of telehealth


The convenience of being able to seek help anywhere, whether you’re traveling, at home, or otherwise unable to attend an in-person session.


The relative anonymity of telehealth can make it easier for first-time therapy seekers to reach out.


Telehealth may make it easier for those with physical limitations (e.g., physical disability or individuals unable to leave the home) to access help.

What will you need

TeleHealth appointments are easy and convenient, and only require a few steps to get started.

A private, safe environment of your choosing.

Desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet with a camera plus microphone.

Device with internet connectivity.

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