Eating Disorder Resources


Appetites: Why Women Want | Caroline Knapp

Body Wars: Making Peace with Women’s Bodies | Margo Maine, PhD

When Food is Love | Geneen Roth

The Beauty Myth | Naomi Wolf

The Body Is Not An Apology | Sonya Reneee Taylor

8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder | Carolyn Costin

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family | Ellyn Satter


How to Help a Friend Who Has an Eating Disorder | Nina Bahadur, The Huffington Post

What You Need to Know About Men with Eating Disorders | Nina Bahadur, The Huffington Post

Diversity and Eating Disorders | Dr. Lauren Muhlheim, Tabitha Farrar and Dagan VanDemarkMirror, Mirror

The Holistic Black Healing Collective 

Virtual BIPOC ED Support Group

Nalgona Positivity Pride: Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) is an in-community eating disorders and body-positive organization dedicated in creating visibility and resources for Black, Indigenous, communities of color (BICC.)

Therapy for Black Girls

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN): a healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC).

BODIES THAT MATTER: trans and nonbinary folks building embodied resilience
and creating space for body liberation. Online process group from Have a Heart Wellness.

Community Table: online drop-in meal support group for Black, Indigenous and Folx of Color in eating disorder and chronic dieting recovery from Hello Sunrise Nutrition

Providing mutual support through peer led support groups, advocating in navigating resources, community organizing, and education — all in the pursuit of our collective self-determination.

Trans folx fighting EDs: TFFED is a collective of trans and gender diverse people who believe eating disorders in marginalized communities are social justice issues.

Online support groups: From Center for Discovery

Online Support Groups: Balance

Family Support group: Thursdays at 12pm from Alsana

Online support group: Wednesdays at 6pm from Liberating Jasper

Somatics Against Diet Culture: support group from Have a Heart Wellness

Health at Every Size meal support, every two hours: Covid-19 Eating support

Daily ED info, support, information videos: NEDA Connections

ED support groups for those struggling and their friends/family: Lotus Collaborative

Treatment Scholarships: Mary Rose Foundation